Paperwork you must submit to the Embassy are following:

  1. Application for a Permit for the transportation of Human Ashes to Viet Nam (download).
  2. Permission from the People’s Committee at sub-district (xã/phuong) level in Viet Nam where ashes/body will be transported to. A family member in Viet Nam should fill out the attached form (download), then submit it to the local authorities (Ủy ban Nhân dân Xã/Phường) for endorsement, and send it back to the UK-based applicant for submission to the Embassy.
  3. Original and a copy of Death Certificate
  4. Original and a copy of No Infectious and Contagious Diseases Certificate (in case of dead body) or notarised copy of the Certificate of Cremation (in case of ashes).
  5.  Photocopy of passport of applicant 
  6. Papers proving that the applicant is the relative of the dead person or the authorisation letter from the relative of the dead person to bring the ashes/dead body to Viet Nam
  7. Vietnamese passport or travel document or paper proving Vietnamese nationality of the late person
  8. Notarised copy of the Vietnamese Resident Permit if the late person is foreigner
  9. Flight booking of person who brings the ashes or accompanies the late person to Viet Nam

 Processing time: 5 working days