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1. The general targets of the 2001-2005 plan are as follows: 

  • To push up economic growth in a fast and sustainable manner; to stabilize and improve the people’s life; to shift swiftly the economic structure, labour structure in the direction of industrialization and modernization; to raise the efficiency and competitiveness of the country’s economy; to expand external trade; to bring about immense changes in education and training, science and technology and promote the human factor; to create more jobs; to basically eradicate hunger and reduce the number of poor households, to eliminate social vices; to strengthen socio-economic infrastructure ; to form the institution of the market economy in the socialist orientation ; to maintain stability in politics and social order and security; to steadily protect the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity an  national security.

 2. The above-motioned general targets are concretised into orientations for development and key tasks as follows:


  • To strive to achieve an annual average economic growth rate higher than that of the previous five years and be well-prepared for the next five years.

  • To develop a multi-sector economy, in which the state-owned sector plays the key role; to consolidate the collective economy; to establish the institution of the socialist-oriented market economy; to shift the economic structure and labour structure in the direction of increasing the proportion of industry and service; to raise quickly the proportion of technological utility in production.

  • To increase rapidly the investment in social and economic development; to set up an effective economic structure and enhance its competitiveness; to basically perfect the system of infrastructure; to invest properly in key economic zones; and to accord more investment to areas in extreme difficulty.

  • To expand external trade and escalate if efficiency; to consolidate the existing market an expand new market; to make up favourable condition to increase export and attract external capital and technology; to integrate into the international economy effectively and to implement bilateral and multi-lateral commitments.

  • To continue the renovation and make healthier the financial monetary system…

  • To continue the renovation and create a basic all-round change in the development of education and training, science and technology; to elevate the quality of human forces based on a reasonable structure…

  • To effectively deal with pressing social problems: generating more jobs, reducing unemployment in urban areas and lack of jobs in rural areas…

  • To accelerate the administrative reforms; to eradicate red tape and corruptions; to practice well democracy, particularly in communes, wards and grassroots units.

  • To fulfill the task of consolidating national defense and security and to secure order and discipline in economic and social activities.


(Excerpts from 9th National Congress Documents – The Gioi Publishers – Hanoi 2001


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